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DELE THOMAS offers guitar, bass, piano, violin, voice and drums lessons. Our teachers use state-of-the-art equipment and teaching methods that have proven to be successful to over 3,000 students!

Lessons are normally taught once a week in a private studio conveniently located in our store. We teach lessons seven days a week. Most lessons are scheduled for thirty (30) minutes at a time, however, hour lessons are available.

If you are beginning student, or if you have years of experience, it can be especially fun when you can progress on the style of music you enjoy. If your style is Blues, Rock, Jazz or Christian music, our teachers can assist you in achieving your goals!

Lessons are $23.00 per half hour, solid in blocks of (4) so that's only $92.00 per block!



Students are to make their payment to DELE THOMAS. Payment is to be made for four lessons or one block at a time.

The payment is to be made before the very first lesson is taught and subsequently before the first lesson of the next block of (4)



All new students are required to purchase a student packet. Your instructor will make sure you have purchased the correct packet for your particular lesson. (Student packets will be purchased at the register) Student packet for guitar and piano will contain lesson book, music journal and metronome.

Student packet for drums will contain lesson book, metronome, practice pad and drum sticks. Student are to use manuscript/music journal books to record their lesson and particular song. These can be purchased at the register.



Make up lessons will be offered to all students who have given at least 24 hour notification to their teacher. Students will be given one month to make up the lesson. If the lesson is not made up within a one month time span, the student will forfeit the lesson.

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