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DELE THOMAS….Already a household name in Nigeria, Europe and America;

DELE THOMAS is ready to conquer the world. A fusion of traditional and modern Yoruba sounds, mixed in with  JUJU ,HIGHLIFE, AND FUJI GOSPEL, sprinkled with pop, blended with hip-hop and R&B. DELE THOMAS  ingeniously created and branded his own unique recipe of music called,  “JUJU HIP POP”. Born in IBADAN, DELE THOMAS spent his early years in Ibadan, Nigeria. As a member of his church choir, he cultivated his love for music not knowing it would one day catapult him into stardom.

In 1994, DELE THOMAS Studied MUSIC/SPECIAL EDUCATION . A Teacher by profession, DELE THOMAS continued his job to follow his dreams. With hard work and dedication, he was established and a well known performer in Nigeria by the year 1994 when he 1st started his own band, about some years back he came to united state of america to continued his musical career.

Since 2007, he has been known to throw one of the most anticipated and successful concerts every December without fail. DELE THOMAS has been privileged to perform for dignitaries all over the world  as well as fans spanning across the world, from Houston Tx, Dublin, Ireland to the Big Apple, New York City, Maryland, Chicago and Atlanta. His latest album “LIVE IN AMERICA” generated multiple hits such as JUJU HIP POP, IJO LEFEJO, OLOKODA ATI ONIMOTO and YOUR .  Recognized as one of the best prolific artists of his genre and time, DELE THOMAS has constantly set standards and then exceeded them each time. You may ask, where did his name, DELE THOMAS, originate from? Well, you will have the opportunity to ask as he comes to a city near you, very soon.

DELE THOMAS will be dropping a TUNGBA & NAIJA POP album this year

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